New Land Collage Book, 2010 – This is one of a series of books filled with collage studies.  7.5 by 12 inches, collage of painted papers and fragments of hand lettered text, 12 pages.

Collage is small-scale creative work I do in between larger book works.  It allows me to complete an art project in a short amount of time while still keeping my mind working on color and proportion problems.  Organizing collage materials also calms my right brain, the creative side and helps me settle down and focus on a new work.  Read on. . .

Use Your Brain to Cut Stress: Relieve stress by understanding which brain hemisphere is stressed.  If you feel depressed or emotionally overwrought, your stress is in the right hemisphere – the creative, holistic side.  What to do?  Switch to your matter-of-fact left hemisphere by doing math, writing factual prose or organizing. The emotional right brain will calm down.  If you feel time-stressed and overburdened, the left hemisphere is involved.  Switch to your right brain by singing or playing a sport.

Written by Jane Cole-Hamilton, Wellspring Seminars in Communications Briefings, Vol XIV, No. IV

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