Activity: Make a happenstance Collage

A box of found paper

Interested in making a collage?  Fill a box with 3 to 10, small scraps of different colored papers.  Any paper will do – old envelopes, wrapping paper, bags, etc.  I have used a series of painted and paste papers here.  Now shake the box from side to side, stop and look inside, where does your eye first look?   Use a camera and photograph that part of the collection.  Repeat.  Each time look for interesting juxtapositions of shapes, colors, and textures.  Through easy happenstance be amazed at the series of collage studies you can create from a few pieces of colorful paper.  You may store your collages digitally or cut your papers and glue them onto another sheet of paper.  Paste them into a blank book or make a card and send it to a friend.

A series of collage composition studies from a box of paper scraps

Good luck, Nancy

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