The Light of a New Year

As we move into the light of a new year check out this opinion piece, “This Year, Change Your Mind,” written by neurologist Oliver Sacks, appeared in the 1/1/11 issue of the New York Times.  In the article Sacks tells us that the cerebral cortex of our brains continues to develop throughout our lives.  The cerebral cortex is the area which controls language and thought, sensory, and motor functions.   Sacks gives examples of persons whose brains become rewired after experiencing great physical losses of hearing or sight.  He writes that people with physical and mental challenges, “- learn to do things in new ways, whether consciously or unconsciously, to work around those deficits.”  Check out the article   at 01sacks.html

So as we move into the light of a new year with older brains and bodies, may we keep our minds open to the miracle of “Neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to create new pathways” and continue to work with and learn from our our hands and our minds.

Happy New Year, Nancy Leavitt                   

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One Response to The Light of a New Year

  1. I enjoyed the Sacks’ article. Happy New Year dear friend! I expect we will undertake more than a few mind expanding adventures together in 2011! What I am sorry that you missed as you were required elsewhere–New Year’s Eve fireworks over Rockydale! They began shooting into the sky at 8pm from a neighbor’s yard–like a mini display with a mini-grand finale, as well. Light for the New Year!!!

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