project completed/messy desk/Valentine’s Day


Rose page spread

Here are a few examples from my completed Emily Dickinson book series.

centerfold page spread

An unexpected guest stops by to see the completed work and is shocked to see my space looking completely disheveled. . .I am oblivious to the mess.  When engaged in a project, I only have eyes and energy for the work at hand.  By spreading work out over my large table I can see all of the parts of my project simultaneously and am able to shuffle and sort my materials and ideas more easily.  Clean up IS part of the job but sometimes, I leave it for the next day while thinking about the next project.

So after a tidy up what’s next?  Why Valentine’s Day of course, check my blog next weekend for some sweet gift ideas.

Thanks for reading this post, Nancy

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2 Responses to project completed/messy desk/Valentine’s Day

  1. Nancy, you’re back!!! I love the pages–beautiful!–and what a wonder to behold after 10 more inches of snow last night. Your studio looks like a test page for ink and paint only realized in room form–and now immortalized on your blog. I am thinking about my schematic as I imagine you gazing at the materials all a’jumble on your work table, and I am thinking “what mystery is this? What, oh what, does it mean?”

  2. Luce Zolna says:

    I love to see your work table in the middle of a project. People always seem to be taken aback if they happen to come by in the middle of a project and see the “mess”. I try to keep one chair cleaned off so they can sit down in case they the feel faint.

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