Project for a snowy February

Watercolor flowers

I am currently working on a perfect antidote for a snowy white February – a book with pages of watery flower and landscape paintings.  The garden text will be hand lettered in small italic (I think).   So far my studies include: choosing the paper,  making preliminary sketches of design ideas, testing watercolor washes of flowers and landscapes, thumbnail drawings of the proposed sequence of the text and painting, and a mock up of the book which includes 5 signatures of 2 folios each.  Here are some photos of the project.

Thumbnail sketches and folded signatures

Watercolor with notes and seascape

In this photo you can see where I have pasted in sections of the text to accompany a particular image.  My next step is to start developing the lettering design while thinking about how it will work with the painting and layout of the page.  To be continued. . .

I look forward to hearing from you,

Nancy Leavitt   website:

Priscilla Juvelis, bookdealer


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2 Responses to Project for a snowy February

  1. Sharon Haanes Bryant says:

    Love the watercolor flowers and all the process photos, Nan. It is the perfect project for late February, which promised spring, yesterday, and more winter today!

  2. Luce Zolna says:

    I love the thumbnail photos. The watercolor studies take your mind off of the snow, rain and dampness.

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