Book Fair

Nothing like a sale to help clean out and organize your space.  The first annual USM Book Arts Fair was held in Portland, Sunday 3 April and was well attended by book artist enthusiasts.  It was a great success and an opportunity to see book friends and show work.

'Considerations of the Book Form' calligraphic broadside, flat and folded poster

I sold copies of my calligraphic broadside, Considerations of the Book Form, which is printed on archival paper and measures 19 by 25 inches. It discusses the process of creating a handmade book by offering a roadmap for all those interested in telling a story and the design of books.

PASSPORT by Fluxus group, Fola Fola Crannóg

PASSPORT is a A democratic multiple produced by Fola Crannóg, a loose group of occasional Fluxus artists. This cheerful book encourages people to treat themselves and others with compassion, respect, grace, dignity, and understanding. . . with room for the reader to add their own musings. The book is made of recycled materials and is housed in a sleeve decorated with stamps and postal decals and measures 3 1/2 by 5 inches. Signed by Fola, 2002.

Paste papers in spring colors

My paste paper sheets are made with wheat paste, distilled water, and acrylic paint brushed on Arches text wove.

Collage Paper packets

These packets of collage materials contain an assortment of candy wrappers, envelopes, decorative paper, handmade paper, labels, maps, numbers, paste paper, postage stamps, receipts, stickers, tickets, etc. OR printed maps and map stamps.

Today I’m back to work in the studio. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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One Response to Book Fair

  1. Lorraine says:

    Thank you for your post about the Book Fair. I have always admired your work.

    Do you sell your broadsides by mail?

    Lorraine Douglas
    ndougl at

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