Back at work

Box and loose signatures

Thank you to all who sent good wishes during my recuperation. I am humbled by the many kindnesses which people offered. Thank you.

Not being able to work for three months has made me appreciative and happy to be able to work again. Below are images of manuscript book number 101, Sunscapes.

The bright pasted pages have been maturing in my paper drawers for 5 years or more so I pulled them out and added the text. The main text of the book is taken from a publication by Steelcase, Inc.  The first page opens with a description of the life that sunlight affords earth and us. It reads: “It marks the length of our days and the shifting of the seasons, locking us into the rhythmical nature of life. We respond to it both culturally and biologically, following patterns that date to the beginning of time.”

    The book is composed of Arches text wove paper with lettering and painting under (acrylic paint) and over (gouache and watercolor paints) the pasted sheets. The sun motifs are inspired by children’s drawings and rock petroglyphs. The unbound book of 7 signatures is 13 inches tall by 8.75 inches wide with 50 painted and lettered pages.  It is housed in  a fabric covered clamshell box lined with paste paper. Early spring 2012.


Until next time, Nancy                       Nancy’s bookdealer’s website

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3 Responses to Back at work

  1. Love the images of your newest book–the pages seem bathed in light. Wondrous. And welcome back!

  2. Luce Zolna says:

    So glad your back. The new book is bright and welcoming to see you are back.

  3. velma says:

    how beautiful this book is! and i am very glad to see you are well. i can only think that the good maine earth has helped. best to you, nancy.

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