Company in the Studio

Joelle Webber of Mermaid Bindery recently spent several days working in my studio. Her goal was to create a selection of paste papers for her commercial bindings and boxes. Joelle began by looking at color and pattern possibilities available while I made starch paste and gathered materials.

Since the choices of paste paper color and patterns are endless,  Joelle narrowed her choices by choosing a theme for her boxes: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. This theme covers a rainbow of colors and offered matching geometric symbols to decorate the wet paste.

She used chalk pastels to color the Arches text wove paper, brushed the paper with clear paste, and then decorated the surface with serrated tools.

Joelle took a stack of papers home along with a box full of collage materials for creating collages on her boxes.  I’ll send pictures of the results when her new boxes are done.

Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. Thanks for reading this blog.

Nancy Leavitt     Joelle Webber

Bookdealer Priscilla Juvelis

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3 Responses to Company in the Studio

  1. Sharon says:

    Nan, I am longing to get into your studio to work, too. What beautiful colors and textures! And I love the wall haning in the background.

  2. Luce zolna says:

    Beautiful colors and variety of patterns! Nan you are always inspirational.

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