Abecedarium, a study in fabric, paper, and thread

Box with folios

Abecedarium is an alphabet book composed of fabric from re-cycled men’s shirts, paper, and thread all sewn together on my Singer sewing machine. The six unbound folios of letterforms and collages are enclosed in a fabric and paper chemise and housed in a Mermaid Bindery box of orange flecked black silk lined with stitched fabric. The page size is 7.5 inches by 13 inches.

Piles of fabric & tools

Like many artists, I enjoy work in a variety of media. My prime goal is creating unique hand lettered and painted books, but I do enjoy sewing as well.

Always looking to expand my expression of the alphabet I decided to combine the two activities and sew my letterforms. Each page spread has sewn letterforms on the verso and a collage of fabric and painted letterforms on the recto.

Sketches for lettering & book layout

It was a challenge to combine such diverse materials, colors, and methods to create a cohesive whole. I enjoyed the exercise. Until next time, thank you for reading this blog.

Nancy Leavitt   www.nancyleavitt.com

Bookdealer: www.juvelisbooks.com   Mermaid Bindery: www.mermaidbindery.com

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One Response to Abecedarium, a study in fabric, paper, and thread

  1. OMG Nan! I love these pages and letters and textures and fabrics. Wondrous strange!

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