New work

DSC08967Kennst du das Land is the title of a recent commission shown here. The text taken from Goethe’s, Wilhelm Meister’s Lehrjahre (published 1795-6) and arranged by Robert Schumann in his German Lieder, Kennst du das Land, Opus 98a.


The poem is lettered in watercolors and sumi ink on burnished, vintage TH Saunders pale green paper.

DSC08990The book is illustrated with three excerpts from the song text in flower form and a leaf cut out which is part of the binding displayed at the center of the book. The binding papers are Katie MacGregor’s. Joelle Leavitt Webber, Mermaid Bindery, completed the binding and box.

This haunting song from Goethe’s writing, expresses Mignon’s longing for her homeland in Italy.  Each of the 3 verses in Schumann’s composition begins slowly and sweetly with the phrase, “Do you know…?” then rises in pitch and crescendos in volume throughout the phrase into the plaintive refrain, “It’s there, it’s there!”


Thanks for reading this blog, Nancy
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Joelle Webber Mermaid Bindery
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2 Responses to New work

  1. Elf says:

    Nancy, this is SO BEAUTIFUL.

  2. velma says:

    nancy, this is a beautiful piece. i love the center leaf surprise, how well it integrates into the whole design, yet is very strong.

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