Winter White

DSC07606Gentle as a maiden’s dream,

Softly as the gliding stream,

Falls the glittering, sparkling snow.

With its wealth of crystal pearls –

Shining, pure-white coronals,

With its robe of silvery sheen,

Decking the earth like virgin queen.

Excerpt from The Snowstorm by Mary Weston Fordham (1862 – ?)

During the snowy shortest days and long sleepless nights of December and now January, I think about what work will surface next. It seems only fitting to explore the color white.

DSC09238I began cutting paper snowflakes and have pulled out all of my white materials in the studio: papers, pigments, fabric, and thread.

DSC09241In February, I will share the results.

If you would like to make a paper snowflake simply do a website search with the words, “how to make a paper snowflake.” There are many instructional websites and images on the subject.

DSC09250Thanks for reading this blog.

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6 Responses to Winter White

  1. Sharon says:

    Beautiful, beautiful snowflakes! It is zero degrees out today and all around is snow snow snow. I love the image of all white things put out in the studio. Can’t wait to see the result.
    Love, Sharon

    • HI Sharon,

      Thanks for your response. . . I am still cutting snowflakes and have made a few large ones, 19 inches across, really fun. Here are a couple of the photos large, don’t know why they don’t come up when you click on them? We are expecting really cold temps here this evening. We are running out everyday to keep the birds fed – 7 cardinals under the feeder – it’s like a Rockydale pix!

      Love, Nan

      • Sharon says:

        We’ve warmed up a bit–20’F–a heat wave! I am trudging through some of those 19″ snowflakes out to the feeders as well. Winter is about surviving it.

  2. Hi there! This is Sharon Zeugin from Austin, Texas, a fellow scribe and a long-time admirer of your work. I follow just a few blogs-and yours is one of them. I have seen very few snowflakes since moving to Austin from Northern California-but we may get some tonight! I was just swimming at Barton Springs on New Years Day (Polar plunge) and can’t believe that we are getting this (for us) bitter cold weather. Anyway, thanks for the snow flakes!
    Sharon Z

  3. Dave says:

    Nice entry, i enjoyed it.

  4. velma says:

    BIG snow here in the north country. white is a good color. very good. i’m anticipating your february surprise.

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