Snow Palace, book number 104

037 - Copy
007 - Copy010 - CopyBook Arts Bazaar
– Visit us at the University of Southern Maine Book Arts Bazaar which takes place Sunday, 7 April, 2013, 10 – 3 pm, at the Wishcamper Center next to the Glickman Library in Portland, Maine.

The text for Snow Palace was taken from the third section of The House Without Windows and Eepersip’s Life There, by Barbara Newhall Follett. The story follows the escape and disappearance of Eepersip from her parent’s home into the natural worlds of a meadow, the seaside, and the mountains. The story has the charm of a fairytale and a haunting foretelling Barbara’s own real life disappearance.

The artist hand lettered the text in blue watercolor on white muslin paper made by Katie MacGregor. The illustrations are layers of hand cut snowflakes (104) sewn into layers of sheer fabrics.

015 - Copy

The binding is composed of the fabric and paper sheets, which are folded in half and simply sewn onto fabric tapes.

The book is wrapped in an embroidered fabric chemise and housed in a dark blue silk 025 - Copybox. The top of the box has two doors that are held in place by a magnet (under the snowflake) and opens up 180 degrees to create a stand revealing a white pillow covered in snowflakes, where the blanketed book rests. Joelle Webber of Mermaid Bindery completed the binding and the box.

033 - Copy

Joelle Webber of Mermaid Bindery said that binding the book was like “sewing clouds with cobwebs.”

Thanks for reading this blog.

Nancy Leavitt

038 - CopyPriscilla Juvelis, bookseller

Mermaid Bindery

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One Response to Snow Palace, book number 104

  1. velma says:

    this new book is something i’d love to meet in person! so beautiful.
    i’m setting up a table at the bazaar on the seventh, if all goes as planned.

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