Random Acts of Art

In May the Stillwater Community Arts sponsored a series of “Random Acts of Art” in our local community. They asked visual and performing artists to share ten minutes of their time to do a surprise performance in a public place. A few events included a high school student played her violin in the dairy section at a local grocery store and a music group who burst into song after walking into a crowded restaurant.

DSC09597My contribution entailed passing out over 100 collage cards at a small grocery and a local eatery. While lunching with friends I occasionally walked over to the diners and explained that it was “Random Act of Art” day so they could receive a free collage of their choosing with their burrito.

DSC09599Each card had the following note printed on the back: As a verb, collage describes the technique of creating a composition of materials and objects by pasting them over a surface. The act of creating a collage can result in a juxtaposition of dissimilar objects in interesting and unexpected ways.


It took several evenings to complete the collages. Here is my kit which includes, scissors, small cut papers backed with double-stick tape, postage stamps, and folded cards. It was a great way to use up paste paper scraps and a fun exercise in composition.

And now, it is back to work on another book. More on that next month. Thanks for taking the time to read this blog.

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3 Responses to Random Acts of Art

  1. Nan–What a fun idea! I imagine this sort of thing is going on in Rockydale, too. Haven’t been out enough to be “arted.” I’ll keep you posted. Love the new workspace! Thunderstorms rolling in. Hot.

  2. velma says:

    hi nancy, that’s a wonderful idea, random acts of art. a good thing all around!

  3. Luce Zolna says:

    I love to catch up with you once a month. What a fun exercise in designing.

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