Plaid is any fabric woven of differently colored threads in a cross pattern which is repeated in both the length (the warp) and width (the weft) of the finished fabric. A true tartan plaid has the same pattern when the fabric is rotated 90 degrees in any direction. I am fond of plaids, for the interesting color combinations and especially for their geometric designs.

DSC00359Above is a remnant of my father’s plaid shirt with a drawing of the basic plaid motif. I started using plaid as a lining for a box project about my father who often wore green plaids. Over the past few years scouting out second hand clothing stores I found that men’s shirting fabric is finely woven, the collars and cuffs wear out but the shirt front, back, and sleeves are worth recycling. After collecting a nice selection of shirts (close to 300) shirts I cleaned and deconstructed them. Below are some examples of the things I have made with my stash of fabric.


Plaid box lining complete with shirt pocket and seed packet for box project about my father.


Abecedarium book sewn with in fabric and paper.


Shirting fabric makes splendid quilting fabric. Assembling the green and lavender quilt.


Completed red and gray quilt.

DSC06430     DSC06438 Plaid table napkins

DSC00362   Plaid shirt pillows


And finally, the plaid florets, for a hat or lapel.DSC00365 Like making collages, working with this fabric allows me to continue to work on proportion and color studies in between the larger book projects. In closing, I wish you a happy holiday season and encourage you to check out the darkly whimsical Rockydale Advent calendar.

Thank you for reading this blog, Nancy

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2 Responses to Plaid

  1. I’m mad about plaid! Especially during the holidays. Love the photos–the lapel pin the best. See you soon!

  2. ted46 says:

    I recognize that plaid. I am also impressed with your blog. Turns out I should have contacted you when researching which blog to use.

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