Snowflake Gingerbread Houses

This blog is dedicated to the memory of Liliane, a creative spirit and friend.


This year I made snowflake gingerbread houses for my nieces and nephews to use as a refuge for fun and imagination. The houses are constructed of 2 by 3 foot pieces cardboard and hinged together with white duct tape. The cardboard is white on one side and brown on the opposite, which creates a gingerbread looking structure. I cut a lacy branch pattern in the door to create a privacy screen for the little house. Snowflakes hang from the eves with thread and a few snowflakes are pasted on the outside for decoration.


The houses fold up flat for easy storage. The kids loved them as did my dog, Bix.


I wish you a Happy Holiday and Hopeful New Year.

Nancy Leavitt


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One Response to Snowflake Gingerbread Houses

  1. vdbolyard says:

    happy holidays nancy, these houses are so nifty!

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