Snowflakes in the Sanctuary 2017

In memory of Liliane


Snowflakes suspended in the sanctuary.

In the Gospel books created between 600 and 1000 BCE scribes used their knowledge of the Pythagorean theorem and simple geometrical tools to develop a characteristic style of decoration that integrated complex interlacing geometric designs. This style of illumination succinctly illustrated the early Christian principle of God’s existence everywhere, from the smallest microcosm to the largest macrocosm.


Folded squares of paper ready to cut and stacks of cut snowflakes.


A hand-cut snowflake exhibits similar traits and a square of paper, any size, folded into triangles with shapes cut out of it creates a lacey 6-sided design. The resulting repetition and variation of designs are endless.


 Ken and Jesse hang the installation.

This year there are approximately 850 snowflakes distributed in the Church of Universal Fellowship on Orono, Maine. The hanging installation consists of 540 hand-cut snowflakes and the remaining 310 snowflakes are found in the altar vestments, musical instruments, hymnals, bibles, window ledges, tables, and collection plates.



Altar cloth and bookmark and collection plate

The hanging installation is composed of 540 hand-cut snowflakes made from 250 sheets (19 by 25 inches) of Finch opaque white paper. The snowflakes were sewn into 60 lines with 700 feet of white all-purpose sewing thread and hung from 6 lines (150 feet of fishing line) and tied onto 2 four-foot metal strips attached into the molding on either side of the sanctuary. The work hangs over 13 feet above the floor and is approximately 8 feet wide by 5 ½ feet in height and 40 inches in depth.img_0425

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  1. willis emmons says:

    Wonderful Nancy, thank you for sharing your talents and experiences!

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