Sorting it out


Several years ago I came into possession of a small plant collection of herbarium specimen mounts. While sorting through the collection many ideas surfaced for bookwork. My plan for organization seemed to change daily. It was easy to say, “I’ll do this”, but I have taken it slowly and made numerous schematic drawings listing what I already knew about the topic with suggestions of what I wanted to research. With further research and discovery the project grew. One of the most helpful working displays still in use is a large triptych painting on which post-it notes of information and ideas are tacked. It helps me physically see the relationship between information and keeps the project real and open. It is a large puzzle, an enigma really, and I continue to process data by moving tags around as my ideas change and develop.


Thanks for reading this post.



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2 Responses to Sorting it out

  1. vdbolyard says:

    hi nancy, it’s interesting to see that this project is taking shape as you figure out what it wants. missed seeing you and your table at the book arts bazaar last weekend.

    • Hi Velma, I was sorry to miss the Book Bazaar but I had another commitment. Yes, this project has taken me on an interesting journey. And now, spring is upon us and I want to spend my time in the garden. Hope your work is going well.


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