An Immigrant Garden


The garden is lush and green from the cold and wet spring – a condition that plants love so the garden is in good shape. In spring one is engulfed by the garden. Cleaning up leaves and twigs, pruning, weeding, edging, carrying away refuse, mulching, deadheading blossoms – it is endless.


This year my goal is to identify all of my perennials with genus species names and the native range of the plants. The garden is a collection of over 275 perennials from around the world. This has inspired my garden name, “An Immigrant Garden”. Plants have been traveling/migrating around the earth since the beginning of photosynthesis.

It takes 100 hours of labor for the garden to look good enough before I can sit back and enjoy the verdant splendor. In this brief moment during the longest days of the year I want to be a stone in my garden – just sitting still in solitude and peace surrounded by my immigrant friends.

Photos in order: Entrance to garden, Rockii tree peony native to Japan, Harrison’s yellow rose bred in Scotland, Shimanishiki tree peony native to Japan, orange Geum a native to Asia, Africa, and New Zealand, and purple Salvia from Europe.

Happy summer everyone, Nancy


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2 Responses to An Immigrant Garden

  1. willis emmons says:

    Lovely as always!

  2. vdbolyard says:

    what a beautiful place. even my much neglected perennial border looks amazing after this wet spring.

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