Nancy Ruth Leavitt is a calligrapher specializing in the creation of one-of-a-kind hand lettered, painted, and bound manuscript books.  She uses this blog to write about and post current work and activities.

Nancy Ruth Leavitt’s interest in the hand lettered book developed as a result of her studies in lettering and bookbinding in the United States and Great Britain.  Since 1985 she has created over one hundred and five contemporary illuminated manuscript books filled with lettering, poetry, and colorful painting.  Her work is represented in public and private collections including the Houghton Library at Harvard, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Poetry Collection at the University of Western Michigan, Kalamazoo, and the Museum for Women in the Arts, Washington, DC.  Nancy received the 2002 Stephen Harvard Award for book design from the Baxter Society.  She has received several Good Idea Grants from the Maine Arts Commission for research into her craft including a project entitled “Cutting a Thousand Quills.”  She holds degrees in both biology and art.  In her spare time she gardens and sings.


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  1. Nancy, So sorry to hear this news about your health. Take the time needed to heal and know that many of us are thinking about you and sending our best wishes. Perhaps some smaller scale, pastel coloured pieces will emerge from this experience – a calming way to get your strength back.
    Take care,

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